Environ® Facials

Environ® is a cosmeceuticle product formulated by a South African plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes uses high levels of vitamin A, C anti-oxidants and peptides to help normalise and protect the skin.

Environ® Luxury Facial £40 A one hour facial steam, exfoliation, extraction, masque and a deep relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension.
Environ® Ionzyme Vitamin Treatments 90 Minutes £67 Using the freshest and most active forms of vitamin A, C lactic acid and colostlims, for photo-damaged skin, wrinkles, dry skin, young skin, pigmentation, scarring & acne.
Environ® Peeling Treatment 45 Minutes £47 A treatment specifically designed for problem skin using lactic acid which works to control dead cells on the skin surface, destroys bacteria and hydrates skin.
Environ® Body Profile Treatment £47 Environ body profile treatment incorporates a “body sculpturing-gel” formulated to smoothen, tighten and condition the skin. The treatment will assist in the reduction of the “orange peel effect” on the upper thighs, arms and stomach and will firm the skin leaving it healthier and smoother.